[closed] Can I mix GPU's?

My PC has 4 PCIe slots I currently have 2 7770 in there but i also have 2 old GTX295 cards. I know i need a bigger PSU but could I run all 4 cards for mining or would i all go wrong?

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If all video cards are the same brand, running miner should not be a problem as it should recognize those GPU's. You might have to connect four monitors to each card for running mining client though!

Otherwise, having Radeon and nVidia cards, might cause confusion towards miner client.

If miner client allow mixing GPU brands name card, it's usually require installing proper drivers for example:

  1. OpenCl (for ati/radeon card)
  2. Cuda (for nVidia)


Regarless which mining client, including kind of (GPU - all same or mixed), it always best downloading current driver according to your GPU (Drivers listed above)

Unless your system is completely reserved for mining, doing anything else on your system having multiple driver might crash system!

answered 14 Mar '13, 02:42 splat44 4.5k17 splat44's gravatar image
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Hi there!

According to the second answer on this Yahoo question, they should be! Don't quote me on that though; I'm not that good with GPUs, I still have a CPU running my client (Old, I know :D)

Hope I helped,


answered 13 Mar '13, 22:30 pbpaperclips 8159 pbpaperclips's gravatar image

CGminer should let you even if you are mixing AMD and NVIDIA. The NVIDIA cards probably aren't worth the power though unless you sick them on litecoin...

answered 14 Mar '13, 03:43 Atruk 3.2k113 Atruk's gravatar image

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