[closed] Bitcoin wallet always out of sync?

Why is my Bitcoin wallet always out of sync? Why does it take so long to get back in sync? ARRRGH!

asked 18 Mar '13, 15:52 mandette 16716 mandette's gravatar image
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Are you using the latest 0.8.0 or 0.8.1 version? Using the new database structure makes the new client syncing extremely fast, at least comparing to prior versions. A less likely reason is that your hard disk drive is extremely old or slow or fragmented.

Unless you are connecting to the internet all the time, each time you start the client, it will try to sync with the netowrk and download the latest blocks. There are around 150 blocks found per day, so there will be some syncing needed every day. But with the latest client, it's really much faster than before. There are some "light" client as mentioned below. They only download the data pertaining to your wallet, and not the whole blockchain. But it does require that you connect with a central server, making it more vulnerable to attacks like DDoS.

answered 18 Mar '13, 16:03 SalvorHardin 7515 SalvorHardin's gravatar image
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Its version 0.8.0, on a brand new mac

(18 Mar '13, 16:06) mandette mandette's gravatar image

It's out of sync when it is not always connected. The syncing happens because it's trying to catch up.

There are wallets that can stop or cut down the need for sync. These are known as Simplified Payment Verification, from clients to websites.

Here's examples of where to look to if interested: Paytunia, Multibit

answered 18 Mar '13, 16:05 flug 7047 flug's gravatar image

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