[closed] What would be the best type of business to integrate bitcoin?

I was just wondering which market would be the most reliable in this area.

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Bitcoin FTW

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There are lots of types of businesses that have the ability to flourish with the bitcoin market. Most are online businesses. Some notable examples:

  • VPNs - This is a big industry and will continue to grow. VPNs (for privacy and accessing blocked sites) are very common to use for people in countries that block websites and even in the U.S. for privacy purposes.
  • Proxies - Similar to VPNs, except usually used by more online criminals and isn't as popular as VPNs.
  • Web-hosting - Very popular. Owning a website/blogging anonymously is needed ALL OVER the world.
  • Bitcoin services - Should be self-explanatory. Services such as bitcoin exchange, trade, etc.
  • E-commerce - There are lots of ways to implement bitcoin in e-commerce. There's a website called Bitbrew.net that is pretty popular. They sell excellent coffees and teas for bitcoin.
  • Website design and Graphics design - Many nerds need this, and many of them have BTC to spend (you can even do graphics design at Rugatu).

You can also create a bitcoin-related blog and use CoinURL and A-Ads to monetize it (I do that for my blog, BitcoinDragon.com).

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Also, what kind of market are you interested in joining? Not all markets are for everyone.

I would recommend doing what you think is best (what you're best at, what's most profitable, etc), accept Credit Card, and accept Bitcoin. That === max profit.

(19 Mar '13, 01:02) bypasscens... bypasscensorship's gravatar image

Actually VPN and Proxies isn't possible for mining for BTC and LTC, keep this in mind! I did try using those services without any success!

(19 Mar '13, 01:05) splat44 splat44's gravatar image

I understand that it's very feasible, but I'm talking more along the lines of owning a VPN or proxy company that sells subscriptions to VPNs or proxies and accepting payments in bitcoin.

(19 Mar '13, 01:22) bypasscens... bypasscensorship's gravatar image

As always, pr0n.

answered 19 Mar '13, 09:59 BBpromos 612 BBpromos's gravatar image

pr0n? is that porn?

(22 Mar '13, 19:07) hezabug hezabug's gravatar image

I think a haircut studio. Because with smartphone you can pay directly during your visit. And because I own a haircut studio and i accept Bitcoins =)

answered 22 Mar '13, 11:54 ratzacoin 412 ratzacoin's gravatar image

I would say an Online store would be great ya know electronics and such or even a prepper store that would rock so many paranoid folks out these days.

answered 22 Mar '13, 17:11 mikekiger 212 mikekiger's gravatar image

Every online bussiness could handle the Bitcoins.

But I think its better to purchase stuff from another country and avoid the money exchange.

answered 19 Mar '13, 01:05 MontBlanc-FF 2745 MontBlanc-FF's gravatar image

I've got a web hosting and design business that you've probably seen advertised here . Winn Host

I have to say I love accepting bitcoin . I've had some issues with WalletBit so I just added BitPay as a processor and they rock , even though they charge a little more . It is way easier to accept bitcoin online than credit cards . Credit cards are a nightmare . I also do domain registration for bitcoin, so you can add that to bypasscensorship's list. The only problem I've had is that accepting bitcoin exposes you to some rather unsavoury clients at times. I've never cashed out any of the bitcoins I've accepted for my business - now that bitcoin has just crossed $50 it has been very sweet indeed :).

answered 19 Mar '13, 02:16 DavisWinn 2183 DavisWinn's gravatar image

gold and silver coins bitcoins.

The sex market

answered 19 Mar '13, 10:20 Money1x2 2172 Money1x2's gravatar image
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There are very large number of businesses in which you can integrate bitcoin. It depends on your interest and the industry you are in. I'm in the multimedia industry and I'm planning to accept bitcoin as one of the payment modes since I feel bitcoin is better than Paypal.

answered 19 Mar '13, 14:42 jayguar 812 jayguar's gravatar image

Anything online!

answered 22 Mar '13, 06:50 ZStinch 5113 ZStinch's gravatar image

Reliable? A product that people need when the economy crashes!

Haircuts LOL Not a bad idea ratzacoin. My grandmother was a hair stylist during the first great depression, and she said people even skimped on food, just to get a haircut because it made them feel better.

Anonymous, offshore one-time fee, online storage so that people can store their photos, documents for safekeeping, when they can no longer afford internet access. All the big storage companies suck.

One time fee membership sites. Any content. Haven't seen many of these yet.

Social media site just for bitcoin users. hehe Bitcoinfriends. Bitcoin-couchers.

Ebay type site with bitcoin only payment.

Online movie rental using bitcoins. Must be international and have intelligent films.

Neutriceutical and supplement/herbs healthy food exchange of info or product site.

comprehensive ebook or online bitcoin phone book of buyers + sellers, with up to date listings, for a one time fee.

Bitcoin prayer line :-)

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