[closed] Best Bitcoin mining for Linux?


What is an easy and effective software setup for Bitcoin mining on Linux?

asked 02 Apr '13, 11:31 swordplaya 19113 swordplaya's gravatar image
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I have find bfgminer very effective. It's not the easiest to setup (need to be compiled, and to eventually set up the OpenGL videocard library), but it's works and was a bit more easy, for me, to set up than others.

For a more easy one to use you probably want a GUI based miner. For Linux i only see Poclbm-gui (or Poclbm-mod-gui) and DiabloMiner:

You will not need to compile them because they are Python or Java based, but the setup may be painful anyway as you will need to download/install and handful of packages, and probably setup the OpenGL videocard library.

Windows users have more choices for GUI based miners.

A note about effective hardware because the more effective miner can't help you if you do not have a good hardware:

Actualy the more effectives ones are ASIC miner dedicated hardwares. Avalon and Butterfly Labs are actually the only two suppliers. You will have to wait behind all the waiting orders.

If you are in an hurry you can use FGPA cards or a AMD/ATI videocard but they will be less efficient and consume more electricity.

answered 02 Apr '13, 11:58 miniwark 9927 miniwark's gravatar image
edited 02 Apr '13, 12:04

BFG miner and CGminer are almost identical except for the developers who advocate for them, their performance are nearly identical on FPGAs and GPUs because the code is identical.

(05 Apr '13, 09:14) Atruk Atruk's gravatar image

@miniwark, similar to FGPA, are ASIC waste of power too? Don't we need miner software to use those ASIC hardwares? That when power is being waste. ASIC even attached on system isn't waste of power except when running miners on it!

(07 Apr '13, 20:19) splat44 splat44's gravatar image

@splat44 yes indeed you need a host for the mining software, but you can use a low-power host like a Raspberry Pi, a BeagleBoard or a PandaBoard (you can already use them). The main point is whatever host of software we use, if it's for mining with CPU or GPU then it's not anymore "effective".

(07 Apr '13, 21:52) miniwark miniwark's gravatar image

The following links contain linux binary for linux and it's fastest:

  1. cgminer 2.11 (for GPU)
  2. pooler-cpumining (for CPU)

I hope this what you're looking for?

You might want looking at the following closed discussion although:


Few comment leads to those ASIC hardware, however still need miner softwares running those things and I presume it used some power in which you still have to pay!!

answered 02 Apr '13, 17:48 splat44 4.5k17 splat44's gravatar image
edited 07 Apr '13, 21:14

It depends on whether you want to mine with CPU, GPU, or both. It also depends on which Linux distribution you use (Debian would be my preference).

The links @splat44 would be the preferential mining software.

Also, as @miniwark said, ASIC mining is actually very efficient and powerful in mining BTC. Check out the links he posted (Avalon and Butterfly Labs).

Update: It seems like all of Avalon's ASIC units are out of stock.

answered 02 Apr '13, 22:24 bypasscens... 1.7k212 bypasscensorship's gravatar image
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If you want to mine as part of a pool (many people mining the same block), then Bitminter is very good, and the client is Java, therefore Linux compatible, unless you're one of those people who freaks out at Java.

answered 07 Apr '13, 09:43 alpheus125 312 alpheus125's gravatar image

I recommend CGMiner. I use it because it was the easiest to configure with my ATI graphics card. Here is some great info.


answered 07 Apr '13, 10:09 JimmyHook (suspended) JimmyHook's gravatar image

try cgminer

answered 07 Apr '13, 10:18 judey 202 judey's gravatar image

I have found that phoenix 2 gives me the best hash rate in Linux. You can use the example configuration file as a starting point, then try tuning each option to get it as fast as possible. See their thread here for more details

Phoenix 2

answered 08 Apr '13, 01:36 haveagr8day 362 haveagr8day's gravatar image

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