[closed] Is Cloudhashing.com a scam?

It's an interesting concept - using an ASIC for mining and then sharing the coins with those who have an contract. So I'm interested if someone has experience with them. They just got started so it's hard to answer if they provide a honest service.

asked 08 Apr '13, 19:40 Icezeta 8914 Icezeta's gravatar image
closed 11 Apr '13, 05:10

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Hasing power doesn't look legit. I see that contracts they propose suggest that almost everything is sold out except $160 contracts (why on earth only 1Gh/s is available?). It looks like soft manipulation.

Another thing is that it's only pre-order, so you'll have to wait until june to start mining on ASIC. And the prediction of 6 BTC seems legit based on current difficulty - 1GH/s gives you 2BTC per month.

Another alternative is rentminer.tk, bare in mind ROI is after 55 months on current GPU's but they also plan to mine on ASIC if they ever will be shipped to customers. Anyway it's working right now and they share stats contrary to cloudhashing.

answered 08 Apr '13, 21:03 kursnabitcoin 462 kursnabitcoin's gravatar image

They pay 1btc/month because paids are made every 2 weeks. So you get btcs like having 500MH/s miner, when they say you are paying like 1GH/s.

(09 Apr '13, 08:53) enzoo enzoo's gravatar image


When someone says all others like it have been outed as scams... It probably is. I'd say it is until there is definitive proof otherwise.

answered 08 Apr '13, 21:42 armthepeople 212 armthepeople's gravatar image

I'm not sure if it is a scam or not, but if is not a scam... that page is really profitable.

I'll take the risk :P

answered 08 Apr '13, 22:11 Sapetaso 9574 Sapetaso's gravatar image

Their site is a little questionable, but it's perfectly within reason to assume they can and will do what they're offering. I'd say it probably isn't a scam, but nobody can know for sure until it starts truly paying up.

answered 09 Apr '13, 04:46 EamonnDH 212 EamonnDH's gravatar image

There two risks about this invest.

Rely on BFL. Rely on the site.

About first one everybody know the problems with orders.

About second one, nobody knows them ( look for in bitcointalk).

answered 09 Apr '13, 08:57 enzoo 1.1k215 enzoo's gravatar image
edited 09 Apr '13, 08:57

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