[closed] Best Bitcoin Miner For Windows?

Best Bitcoin Miner For Windows?

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For beginners, GUIminer is easy to install and configure, and it is also easy to set your defaults; placing a shortcut to the miner in startup so your miner begins working when the computer is switched on works for me well also.

GUIminer is useful as it is not command line, and is easy to use, yet some command line miners such as CGminer are better because they can be adapted and customised with the use of commands. Unfortunately they are quite difficult to learn, as many commands must be memorised.

answered 15 Jun '13, 13:37 Prom3theus 662 Prom3theus's gravatar image

If you want quality, use CGMiner or BFGMiner. If you want simplicity, go for BitMinter or GUIMiner.

CGMiner/BFGMiner: Terminal applications (read: Only usable through the DOS console) BitMinter: Easy to use, but limited to the BitMinter pool. GUIMiner: Never tried it, but many people say it's really easy to use, so I thought I'd add it to the list.

answered 16 Jun '13, 05:16 Krydar 752 Krydar's gravatar image

I think the GUIminer

answered 16 Jun '13, 13:02 tomm 1313 tomm's gravatar image

I'd probably say the Bitminter client. It's only restricted to Bitminter, however. The miner is very easy to use and it shows your total speeds, how much Bitcoin you're going to make a day, has nice graphics and is easy to configure.

answered 15 Jun '13, 05:45 Scythe 1.8k1320 Scythe's gravatar image

Probably cgminer, but also a complex/hard to learn one.

I'd say GUIMINER is the easiest.

answered 14 Jun '13, 23:25 voodah 312 voodah's gravatar image

poclbm (PyOpenCL Bitcoin Miner)

answered 16 Jun '13, 02:44 robert5 266 robert5's gravatar image

That depends on your needs.

For everyday mining:


It is very simple and easy to use. It has a graphical user interface, which makes it much easier to use than command based programs

It has a feature that allows you to increase or decrease intensity. As well as the option to increase your fan speed for your graphics card so that your graphics card does not overheat.(Constant overheating = damage) It also has overclocking features, which I advise you to stay away from.

It is extremely easy to set up, especially if you are using the 50BTC pool.


While a lot of people are using guiminer with no problem, it is not easily customized and requires the use of "flags" to change the intensity of mining; which is annoying when you want to do something in the background like watch an HD video without frame dropping.

There is no simple way to turn down the intensity and the program often encounters a glitch where it will mine at 20% power for hours on end for no apparent reason.

I have tested guiminer on two different PC's and both have the same problem.

Not exactly great if you mine in your sleep.

Also, it does not have a thermometer so you do not know what kind of stress you are putting on your hardware.

I hope this helps.

answered 20 Jun '13, 21:47 tamakachi 111 tamakachi's gravatar image

Guiminer for windows. easy and very simples. go make some btc :)

answered 21 Jun '13, 03:55 Aryetsok 111 Aryetsok's gravatar image

GUIminer is the easyst to config. When you know how to make .bat files you can use CGminer. https://give-me-ltc.com/configs Here you can easy generate a config file and then open notepad place it in the cgminer map and call it .bat.

Reason I call CGminer cause its a lighter program for your pc and will generate a little more hash while the difference is not that big.

For example if you want to use GUIminer and still use the computer while mining use the -f 60 in extra flags. It will put less stress on the gpu. Some people find it importent because their rooms get hot like mine lol and in CGminer change the intensity to allow more computer use.

answered 21 Jun '13, 09:30 Steamon 212 Steamon's gravatar image
edited 21 Jun '13, 09:32

If you want to mine bitcoin/terracoin or someone 256-sha coin, use GUIMINER If you want to mine Litecoin, feathercoind or most of the coins, (scrypt coins) use GUISCRYPT boths are simply and functions perfect, I use guiscrypt for mining litecoins :)

answered 21 Jun '13, 22:44 jung 2276 jung's gravatar image

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