[closed] Can a bitcoin mining rig be cooled in mineral oil?

Just found out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtufuXLvOok

What do you think about it, can you post more videos about it and tell if it's possible?

If yes, how? If not, why?

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Yes, but it won't be effective.

The transfer of heat from the mineral oil to the air isn't any faster than the transfer of heat from a heatsink to the air -- in fact, oftentimes it's slower. The reason to use mineral oil is for computing tasks that only generate heat for a few hours -- the heat transfers quickly from the computer to the oil while you're running, and then the oil slowly cools down over the course of the next 8-10 hours. So it works for stuff like gaming where you tend to have 12+ hours of downtime between usage. For something like bitcoin mining that has to run 24x7x365 there's no benefit -- you'd get great cooling for a few hours and then be right back where you started trying to get the heat out of the oil.

(I did a fair bit of of investigation into this for my FPGA mine)

answered 29 Jul '12, 11:03 quantized 965 quantized's gravatar image

man o' man lame answers, no offense, just joking :P But what you should really do is set-up in a room in your house where the temperature is atleast 1.5 or more degrees Celsius colder than the rest of your house (considering its room-temperature), No.2 then you need to attach a fan that should be on almost all the time you're going to mine, to ventilate the hot air being produced and keep the temp down. AND really great tip is to go to an office supplies store like Business Depot/Staples and buy a Dust-off Freeze Spray bottle, which basically prevents dust- build up allowing the fans to run efficiently (trust me it might sound silly, but it really makes a difference to the temp.). Don't worry this isnt that hard mate, and if you're going to mine then you should overclock the GPUs and underclock the memory. I also found this short blog for you (so not alot of reading at all), it has really, really great info regarding what you want to do,http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=685115

P.s. my friend used to mine, so I do know quite a bit about this stuff. Best of luck, Sharroll

sry, i realized that I didn't comment specifically on the mineral oil part. The stuff I listed above really works (very useful, effective pointers), but about mineral oil... don't use it for mining. Unless, youre planning on mining for short period of time every day (like up to around 12hrs). B/c mineral oil doesn't have a high enough heat capacity to effectively keep the parts cool (trust man). Besides its kinda messy.. and i can't stress this enough but keep your fans clean! Dust and dirt will slow them down alot and then you're parts will be most likely be adversely affected especially under the strain of 24/7 mining. And its a damn myth that keeping your computer case open will allow the parts to stay cooler.. but this will just allow more dust/dirt to build up on not only your fan but parts as well, so thats a no no. Just follow the steps i outlined and you'll be good :). ANd idk what kinda system youre planning to setup, but if youre going to be really overclocking and at a high hash rate, then maybe consider getting GPU specific fans (you can look on ebay or other places- theirs good deals in alot of places like that). --and lastly if you just want to seem like that 'cool cat' and think that youre going to need some serious cooling system bc youre going to be hashing at incredible rates than get a water cooling system- i know it sounds weird, but it works better than anything else- a whole other league. the end. good luck with the mining.

answered 29 Jul '12, 12:26 Sharroll 1212 Sharroll's gravatar image
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Mineral oil is heavy for the fans, but its OIL, so they should be fine for a few years.

you can use any type of mineral oil as long as it is completely non- conductive.

yes you can submerge SSD drives and they will be fine. but you cannot submerge hard disk drives, optical drives, or any other device with fast moving parts Good Luck With It!

answered 28 Jul '12, 17:28 hosc 511 hosc's gravatar image

Yes it is possible, just drop it in the mineral oil. Except the hard drive (unless it's SSD).

Another good effect is no dust. And you can put the computer outside if it's cold outside without worrying about condensation (which is normally why you can't put a computer outside). Maybe put the computer in the freezer - and overclock it to hell.

answered 31 Jul '12, 04:07 Romulus 1562 Romulus's gravatar image

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