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Coinbase is a new BTC e-wallet/ echange / bank service funded by Y-Combinator

  1. Register from this link https://coinbase.com/?r=50277f15901e3e0002000734
  2. Verify your email and phone number (two-factor authentication to make your funds safe)
  3. 0.1 BTC is in your wallet, and you can withdraw it any time

Reward goes to whoever writes a small 50 words review about Coinbase, funny or constructive answers will get tipped too, good luck

asked 12 Aug '12, 14:51 paraipan 4.7k11165 paraipan's gravatar image
closed 17 Aug '12, 17:40

setting up was fast and easy and I got my 0.1 BTC, thanks.

(12 Aug '12, 23:23) Granster Granster's gravatar image

FYI seems like coinbase.com has 1btc limit on their ref bonus

(17 Aug '12, 15:37) paraipan paraipan's gravatar image

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Would you like to transform anything you want into giant slices of ham ?

That is what you could have done if the website baconise.com existed.

However, I am terribly sorry to have to tell you it does not exist.

To cheer you up, you can go the anagram website coinbase.com, where you can store and exchange your bitcoins. Time to change the world, and perhaps start your worldwide long-dreamed-of ham production company !!

answered 14 Aug '12, 21:26 _Recher_ 2.7k15 _Recher_'s gravatar image

Coinbase is an easy way for people to get their first bitcoins. It's like rummaging through a couch looking for dimes. Post a link on your social media, and just out of curiosity a hand full of friends registered and helped me to get a bitcoin in a couple of hours. Of course, I don't have enough friends to make this a business, but it makes for an eventful day.

answered 12 Aug '12, 15:56 tiemahshoo 413 tiemahshoo's gravatar image

I've previously signed up, and found it has great usability. It also provides a transaction history, which sets it apart from some of the other e-wallets I've tried. They also plan to operate as an exchange, which will be a useful extra service. Bitcoin transactions of 0.01BTC and over are free.

answered 12 Aug '12, 21:21 Highly Irr... 2357 Highly%20Irregular's gravatar image

Do you want a Bitcoin wallet? Ok so why not a On-line Bitcoin wallet? Coinbase let you create a wallet that you can easily check in any place in the world. You don't need install the Bitcoin client or update the block chain. To get an account you just need an E-mail address, a cellphone number (to keep anonymity use web sms tools ;D) and chose a password to get an on-line wallet. Why to use paypal accounts that can be sieged if you can have an anonymous Bitcoin wallet that you can use from any computer with internet. As a bonus you can get some Bitcoins with its referral program and verifying your account.

Done @paraipan I used your referral link

answered 12 Aug '12, 22:41 wannabitcoins 1.5k9 wannabitcoins's gravatar image

Its first fully secured wallet service I found (two-factor authentication). Before I kept coins in wallet in personal computer to be safe, but they actually not fully safe especially from disk damage and I can pay only in my home. Coinbase gave me possibility to use bitcoins from any computer connected to Internet and I feel safety because of using authentication and https protocol. Additional if you verify your email and phone number you get some Bitcoins on start.

answered 12 Aug '12, 23:14 M_X 1263 M_X's gravatar image

There is a new wallet named Coinbase
whose service is really a high ace
verify with your phone
if I give you a loan
you can start a Bitcoin service in space.

answered 12 Aug '12, 23:22 Granster 6577 Granster's gravatar image
edited 12 Aug '12, 23:25

I just created the account and I can verify that it works. I already got myself verified and got the 0.1 BTC. That being settled I like it that you can use email instead of bitcoin addresses. At least that way I do not have to remember something like 1Q3ZwCfJKhFryQRQH3Bbb927abHQT517d3 . I think this will greatly ease transactions and make usage of bitcoins popular. Wishing coinbase the best !

answered 13 Aug '12, 07:03 kasemake 722 kasemake's gravatar image

Coinbase does an impressive job earning the title legitimate. I've never before felt safe enough to give my phone number to a site such as Coinbase, and I don't regret it in the slightest. They mean what they say. They offer a clean, safe, trustworthy service and I don't see them heading anywhere but up.

answered 13 Aug '12, 08:35 doomblivion 412 doomblivion's gravatar image

I already join with coinbase a week ago and did not know that there are promo here, if there is a chance the next time I will join, and I think this pretty baagus coinbase though still in Beta stage

answered 13 Aug '12, 11:15 arifdriessen 512 arifdriessen's gravatar image

Studies show that Coinbase is a ripoff of MyBitcoin, except the fact that everything is backwards.

  • The owners of Coinbase are not anonymous for some reason. This makes it difficult for them to set up claims pages where users can receive 49%.
  • They are also arrogant enough to get funding from a well-respected entity. How can they go bankrupt and bring Bitcoin price down now?
  • As if this wasn't appalling already, they use strong security practices such as two-factor authentication.
  • Just as, if not more, repulsive, is the fact that they have funds in cold storage. They'll freeze there!
  • Finally, the most surfeiting of them all, Coinbase waits for an acceptable number of confirmations. How can hackers make a living if this is the type of business they run?

All because of this, the poor hackers, bitcoin detractors, and Madhatters/Bruce Wagners will be living in the streets. Saddening, isn't it?

answered 15 Aug '12, 03:38 Fengyang Wang 634112 Fengyang%20Wang's gravatar image

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