[closed] Has anyone tested this guy's RPi build of Armory

Check this post: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=110107.0 The OP links to a build of armory for RPi on his skydrive. Has anyone gotten this to work? Tested it out for legitimacy? I tried it out on my RPi but it seemed to want a few dependencies which weren't included in he package.

I suspect that anyone who works out a foolproof install would earn some BTC in donations - especially if the community agrees that the build wasn't made to contain some kind of spyware (probably unlikely, but the paranoid and linux savvy would just compile their own).

asked 28 Feb '13, 03:27 EtherDais 5467 EtherDais's gravatar image
closed 27 Mar '13, 01:40

Just download and install the packages, which are missing. I don't see the problem about that. Could you maybe, be more specific?

(21 Mar '13, 00:42) turvarya turvarya's gravatar image

Sorry I'm not a miner, but looking at the github page, people were getting errors.

Comment and error message 1

Comment and error message 2

(21 Mar '13, 17:16) retouchforbtc retouchforbtc's gravatar image

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For something like Armory which is to be trusted with potentially large sums of money I wouldn't trust third party builds. Simply follow the instructions here https://bitcoinarmory.com/building-armory-from-source/ taking special note of the step for verifying source code authenticity.

Keep in mind that on a RPi the only reasonably way to run armory would be as an Offline wallet. The Online version simply is too demanding of RAM and resources in general to thrive, so you'll need a computer with a bit more power to run the Armory wallet where you watch your balance.

answered 26 Mar '13, 10:59 Atruk 3.2k113 Atruk's gravatar image

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