[closed] Litecoin mining hardware settings?


What are your best settings for an amd radeon 7950 for litecoin mining? could you precise your khash rate also?


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hi @Bitnation, do you like some answer?

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Here is an example, my cgminer startup bat file for windows. Radeon 7970 solo mining. I average around 680 Khash with core at 975, mem at 1800 and board power % +20.

I know you have a 7950 but I figured it's already been 6 hours since you've asked so I'd give something at least.

 cgminer.exe --scrypt -I 13 -g 4 -o -u one -p one

Here is a site that has some suggested values for Litecoin using various GPUs most are for reaper but you should be able to translate that to cgminer. https://github.com/litecoin-project/litecoin/wiki/Mining-hardware-comparison

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based on your card radeon 7950:


hashrate can be 450

However, on your type of graphic card it best mining for BTC (GPU). Litecoin is best designed to mine on a CPU

While mining on GPU use the following client:

cgminer-2.4.1 (download the one for your operating system)

mining on CPU use the following:

pooler-cpuminer-2.2.3 (the designed for your operating system

What I recommend you doing is as follows:

Try mining on your GPU card for ltc and same for btc to compare between two!


The above rugatu closed answer provide the reason as to why mining on CPU is best for litecoin(LTC). Make sure you read entire answer as it contain link.

answered 01 Mar '13, 04:23 splat44 4.5k17 splat44's gravatar image
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Ok then, could you give me the best CPU for litecoin mining (better than the RADEON 7970?) cause I didn't find it. thks.

(01 Mar '13, 08:36) Bitnation Bitnation's gravatar image

I just udate my answer to anwer your question. Refer to last link of my answer! I hope this help!

(01 Mar '13, 19:37) splat44 splat44's gravatar image

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