[closed] If you were Bit-Rich, what would you do to make the world a better place?

...and how long would you wait before bestowing/applying your bitcoins?

Looking for good ideas to fix the world.

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I would try to develop permaculture communities and ecovillages in the poorest places of the world, so as to help the generation of sustaintable living proyects. And create a global public permaculture educational system, where to go to learn about permaculture freely.

answered 02 Mar '13, 21:11 Angela 1.2k6 Angela's gravatar image
edited 02 Mar '13, 21:14

I hope that someone bit-rich sees this someday and gives it a thought.

(03 Mar '13, 02:15) EtherDais EtherDais's gravatar image

Best answer. Permaculture is needed to save our planet.

(03 Mar '13, 07:27) money24x7f... money24x7freak's gravatar image

Thanks, though I am not bit-rich (neither rich :)) I try to spread permaculture in the way I can. I do believe it is the way to save the planet, but it all depends on people changing and adopting permaculture as CULTURE and that needs schools and others adopting permaculture courses as a curricular or extracurricular subject . It's my dream.

(03 Mar '13, 15:20) Angela Angela's gravatar image

I would make a website where people could fund small business startups in developing countries in bitcoins, and donate BTC myself.

answered 02 Mar '13, 07:52 hiro 1.5k4 hiro's gravatar image

I'd probably (If I was VERY rich) start my own help-organization, fund it and make sure that all money donated would go to charity instead of the leaders of the organizations. I would also have a good option for bitcoin-donations on our website.

answered 02 Mar '13, 16:10 lepirate 622 lepirate's gravatar image

If I were bit-rich, I'd spend some of my wealth to pay for the development of more user-friendly programs for the less technically inclined to get involved. At the moment, there's an actual disincentive to help anyone else get into mining, but even for all those already involved, getting as many people personally invested in cryptocurrencies as possible would help their long-term survival and wide-spread adoption - things which would likely benefit both those who have been mining before it was easy as well as everyone else who jumped in later.

answered 02 Mar '13, 21:21 Marvin Fla... 204126 Marvin%20Flarvin's gravatar image

I would strive to make BTC global currency and would use exotic sources of energy.

Reference for exotic sources :



answered 02 Mar '13, 21:41 money24x7f... 1786 money24x7freak's gravatar image

I would make a startup for people to buy anonymous BTC.

Like you can do with Prepaid Handy's.

You can buy a card in a shop. You rub free the number send a SMS with the transaction code and the Bit-coin Address. Or enter the the code and the Address into an on line page.

The code cards could be board anonymous in shops.

To create an safe and anonymous way to gain BTC.

MfGWfG Kolibri

Sorry English should be better ...

answered 02 Mar '13, 12:38 Grauerkolibri 4073 Grauerkolibri's gravatar image

You are new at Rugatu. So I voted you up only because of this. Try to give your answers not only thinking in bitcoins. Do you really think that your idea would make the world a better place? It may be an interesting business, but think a way to help others, you are rich for this question!!!

(02 Mar '13, 22:51) Angela Angela's gravatar image

Yes I thought that this could make the world better in weakening the Central Banks and the hierarchic global economic structures. I really would prefer the simple way of drilling some wells and fine it is. But if you do not try to change the basic structures of the human society you only transfer the power from one group of people to an other.

And yes you are right there are much more possibilities than BTC.

Thanks for voting the noob up.

(02 Mar '13, 23:44) Grauerkolibri Grauerkolibri's gravatar image

So the general idea is to sustent Bitcoin currency and make it usable for everybody including common people, so as to weaken Banks power. Intresting idea ;)

(03 Mar '13, 00:00) Angela Angela's gravatar image

Thats the point until BTC are a common currency this "business" will sustain it self by small fees. When a breaking point is reached the so called common people will find private ways to get their BTC. And this "business" will became obsolete.

And the in my view nicest side effect is that i will not lose my BTC and so keeping my ability to keep going with other projects and ideas.

(03 Mar '13, 16:43) Grauerkolibri Grauerkolibri's gravatar image

I would buy a superbowl ad or something where bitcoin could get major coverage. This way the more people who know about it and use it as their main currency, the less lives are ruined by too-big-to-fail banks, and government intervention. The world really needs a true free market system, if you ask me.

answered 02 Mar '13, 15:06 hezabug 1448 hezabug's gravatar image

My question was really more assuming that that sort of thing already happened and bitcoin was viable: If you were bit rich, what would you THEN do to make the world better?

(02 Mar '13, 19:56) EtherDais EtherDais's gravatar image

The world is a good place. Humans are not good enough to accept it as it is. We must change oursels.

answered 02 Mar '13, 22:35 Rezwalker 111 Rezwalker's gravatar image

I don't dispute the point, but it's sidestepping the specific point of the question.

(02 Mar '13, 22:47) EtherDais EtherDais's gravatar image

I agree with you, the world is a good place, WE must change for not destroying it. In what way can YOU help changes happen? I believe the sense of the question is this, if you have enough money, what would you do to make this changes happen globaly?

(02 Mar '13, 23:55) Angela Angela's gravatar image

Think of using bitcoin where ever you can in this beautiful quote, and bingo, the world is a better place already.

(sorry it's a bit long, but they're all so good and "awwww"-worthy :) )

I think I would look for good people doing great things and proportionally amplify their effect.

I think I would make a habit going to charity bake sales and giving people that made something I like from scratch or with a lot of attention to detail and care 150% of the price, saying "I am sure it is worth more than that"

I would buy at least one glass of lemonade from every lemonade stand I came across.

I would find places where nature has caused an extreme hardship and see what I could do to help make things better.

I would be a silent Santa for children of fallen warriors.

I would look for schools that taught children more than academics lessons and make silent donations.

I would look for science and engineering students in danger of dropping out due to financial hardship and see if a small amount could make a difference, then make the difference.

I would look for hard working volunteers whose effort has gone largely unrewarded, and see if I could make a donation or somehow make a difference to re-energize their spirit.

I would look for naturalized immigrants that are struggling to adapt and see if i could make a difference.

If I had more, I would probably see if i could leverage government support to get scholarships for engineering students heading into public service at the city, state or federal level. Similarly, doctors and nurses.

If I had more, I would see if I could set up an institute for design engineering and production that focused on producing design and production engineers that had the entrepreneurial spirit.

If I has more, I would try to set up programs in nursing homes that enabled residents to volunteer as mentors in a way that acceptable to both parties.

If I had more, I would look for ways to convert salt water to fresh.


answered 03 Mar '13, 04:30 retouchforbtc 3.2k12 retouchforbtc's gravatar image

Create better medicines

answered 03 Mar '13, 05:21 MontBlanc-FF 2745 MontBlanc-FF's gravatar image

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